Terms & Conditions

My Terms & Conditions set out the therapeutic agreement between us. It lets you know what you can expect from therapy sessions and sets out what is expected of me as your therapist and what is expected of you as the client. My Terms & Conditions are in line with the BACP & UKCP guidelines.


Alex Campbell (Ealing Therapy, ‘Alex’) will be at Central Chambers (where Sessions are held) in good time for sessions each week. Sessions are 50 minutes; if the client is late or delayed it will not be possible to extend the session beyond the usual finishing time. Appointment day/time will be set at the initial consultation session.

If Alex is unable to attend, you will not be charged and he will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and/or try and rearrange the session for another time.


The therapy fees will be set at the initial consultation and paid at the beginning of each session by card payment. I accept all major credit and debit cards. Please note that there is a £1 card transaction fee. Fees are still due if you cancel a session. I review my fees annually.


Alex will give 4-6 weeks’ notice for holiday dates. Holiday times include Christmas break (two weeks) and Bank Holidays. Clients will also give 4-6 weeks’ notice for any holiday dates, where possible.


Client understands the following about missed sessions:

  • If they cannot attend a session for any reason, they are required to give 48 hours’ notice. Full fees will still be due.

  • If they will be away on holiday leave they are still required to pay for the sessions missed, however catch-up sessions will try to be arranged to make up for those missed during their leave.

  • If Alex cannot attend a session, clients do not have to pay for the missed session. Alex will contact you, and agree to give 48 hours’ notice, to minimise disruption, where possible. Alex will also try to re-arrange the session at a time suitable for both parties.


All clients are required to fill out a ‘Personal Information Form’ which includes their name, address, phone number, date of birth, email, GP details, any medication and an emergency contact. This can be handed to Alex at the first session. Please let Alex know if any of the information you provide changes or if you change your GP. Alex will retain this information only as long as the work together continues, after which time it will be deleted.


Sessions will be held at Central Chambers, The Broadway, W5 2NR.  There is no reception area to wait in so please arrive on-time, if you press the door buzzer Alex will let you in. We will aim to meet in the same room, at the same day and time each week. On occasion, we may need to change rooms, due to building requirements.


The contract between Alex and the client is confidential. Alex will not disclose any information to a third party other than in the event that in his opinion there is a threat to the clients own safety or to the safety of others, or if he is obliged to do so by law.  If Alex does need to disclose information for these purposes he would try to do this in discussion with the client and with their prior consent.  Alex’s governing bodies BACP & UKCP requires him to have appropriate supervision for all clients. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, any records of sessions will be kept confidential and held in secure and encrypted manner. 


Alex abides by the BACP & UKCP’s ethical framework and professional conduct procedures. If at any time a cause for complaint arises that cannot be resolved between Alex and the client, the client may have recourse to the BACP or UKCP Independent complaints procedure.


Alex and the client will aim to give at least one month’s notice about termination of the therapeutic relationship, so there is time to plan an ending and discuss the work we have completed. There may be occasions where this is not possible, and the work will end immediately. 

A downloadable PDF version of the Client Contract and Personal Information Form are available by clicking either of the buttons below.